The Local Heroes Magazine

Helping Local Companies Find Local Customers......

Hello and welcome to our website.  The Local Heroes Magazine© is an A5, non glossy business directory which is delivered to over 2000 households every three months in the direct catchment area of your business!

The local Heroes Magazine holds adverts for local businesses. The companies which advertise with us range from gardeners, right through to Indian restaurants. The adverts within The Local Heroes Magazine are designed to be clear, consice and easy to find when a potential customer needs to find your company. They can be either a quarter, half or a full A5 page.

Advertising your company in The Local Heroes Magazine is the most cost effective way of exposing your business or service to the people who really need you. These people are the ones that live in your area.

The Local Heroes Magazine is delivered to over Two Thousand of these potential new customers every three months and so, your company stands to gain increased revenue from an advert in our magazine. As our magazine is a relatively small publication, your advert is not lost in a sea of others and therefore, stands a great chance of being seen by potential customers.

Our emphasis is always on simplicity and as a result of our all inclusive and highly competitive pricing structure, it has never been easier to gain new customers in your area. Our prices include, design, printing and inclusion for either three, six, nine or twele months.

Please browse our website using the links on the left to get more information on the service we provide or to order an advert in our magazine.